Recent Success Stories

" When I met Esther I wasn’t feeling good with myself because of the confusing situation and feedback at work. It really got to me and shook my internal beliefs and self-confidence. Coaching helped me see things clearer and regain confidence in myself.

Esther is very good at holding up the “mirror” so to speak, and she manages very efficiently to lead you to a deep level of introspection. For that reason, I found some sessions quite exhausting emotionally, however, the whole experience and final output was very rewarding. I have a clearer vision of what I want to do and be.
Creative Strategist

" I worked with Esther in early 2011: my goal was to find ways of better managing my career and family: juggling commitments and finding peace in a busy world.  Topics for discussion included how to stay grounded and focused when approaching prospective customers; steps I could take to avoid feeling overloaded; slowing down as a means of connecting with the people around me.

Esther Goodyear is the real deal. She delivers an inspirational blend of strength, compassion, curiosity and motivation in such a way that each coaching session moves you to a different, and better place.  She will work with you to explore where you are now and where you want to be.  She will challenge you to dig deep, work out what’s really going on and find ways forward.  She will adapt her style to suit the mood that you’re in and the focus for the session.  You will get generosity of spirit, a burst of energy, a healthy dose of reality and a great sense of humour.  You will also have a highly knowledgeable, experienced and flexible coach, who you can trust to stay with you, every step of the way.
Business Owner

" Esther gave me confidence to assert my ideas and opinions and the belief that they would be well received”. She was good at identifying the problems and frank in the assessment of them. That honesty is important. I am more assertive in situations at work and I can recognize behaviours in others, and myself and have started to alter my instinctive responses and procrastination.
Senior Marketing Strategist

" Esther coached me during a time of great upheaval in my work and life and enabled me be able to talk with ease about my problems. She helped me develop more awareness of myself – character traits I have had but have never been able to properly understand. I now have more clarity and I am able to step back from daily problems in my life and take a more considered and positive approach. Esther supported me through a very stressful time in my life and helped me see it through to a new job, new home and a better life.
Lead Developer – Digital Marketing

" Eight months ago I came to see Esther, and the relaxed atmosphere she created allowed me to talk about a situation I have not been able to accept let alone talk about.  Esther was sensitive, non-judgemental and yet very direct – she made me feel I mattered.  Her approach was very empowering.

Coaching has given me clarity, helped me answer some of my own questions.  It has helped me take responsibility for myself and make major decisions in my life.  It has given me a kick-start to a new life and restored faith in others and myself.
Consultant – Social Anthropologist

" I found Esther to be highly insightful, intelligent, warm and caring. She has a professional, friendly manner, which made me feel comfortable talking to her and working with her on personal issues. She asked interesting questions, which prompted me to understand what may be blocking my progress – this helped me move beyond some obstacles.

The coaching process has been a positive and enjoyable experience for me. I have been able to put into practice much of the insights I gained in the sessions. I am now more organized and I realize that solutions to most problems are within my grasp. I have achieved various goals that I set for myself last year, enabling me to sustain my self-employment.
Singer /Songwriter