It’s easier to go down a road than up, but you can see furthest from the top…

Some questions I am often asked about the coaching process

Is coaching like therapy?

Some people think it’s like therapy – but it is not. Coaching is a pragmatic, solutions based approach, applied to personal and/or professional situations. It is really a practical way to find answers to questions you have or the challenges you face.   A coach can help you find self-leadership, personal development, communication skills and work performance improvements that lie dormant within you. A coach supports you in moving forward and accomplishing your goals and desires. It’s 100% about you, what you need, what you want and helps you apply the skills to achieve it.

Think of a coach as an outsider with the skill to challenge existing beliefs without any hidden agenda. Coaching can bridge the gap between what your intentions are and the desired outcome.

What is the theory behind coaching?

Coaching is a process to help people and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their personal best, and it helps them to function more effectively.

Who uses a coach?

People who ask questions – all types of people, in all sorts of jobs. Individuals who are seriously considering change find coaching effective. Also relationships are often about communication, and coaching can provide skills and tools to understand, rephrase and tweak the way you communicate. It can therefore get you where you need to go.

Common situations where coaching is an ideal fit:

Career transitions – Performance development – Family dynamic issues –Work/Life balancing Conflict management – Communication and presentation – Parenting challenges – Loss of self identity – Adopting new behaviours to become more successful – Time Management – Academic goals – Creative blocks – Relationship problems – Confidence building – Life upheaval – Personal well-being

What are the benefits of coaching?

Through coaching you can develop new skills which translate into success. But to get the maximum return on your investment you need to be consistent with your commitment. It will increase your productivity and creativity, through greater clarity, increased self-belief and help you master the ‘inner mind games’. The results can be life changing; it’s a catalyst for a life with optimum focus, happiness, desire and success in your personal and professional life. But don’t just take my advice, there has been a popular upward trend with companies looking for a method to improve performance. Here are some findings from the business world that you might find interesting..

  • Training alone can improve performance by 22%.
  • Training accompanied by coaching can improve performance by 88% (Crane).
  • 93% believe that coaching should be offered to all staff regardless of seniority (Chartered Management Institute)
  • Over 50% of a major computer company’s 761 executives received coaching in a 2 year time frame. Those who received coaching were promoted more often than those who didn’t participate in one-to-one coaching. (Robinson)

What if I don’t get on with it?

That’s why I offer a free ‘Chemistry Check’ so you know what you are signing up for. As Carl Jung quoted, “The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is a reaction both are transformed”. Coaching is a collaborative process and the synergy between the coach and client creates an open and honest relationship. If things are not heading in the right direction then we discuss it and make changes so you get on the right road for you.

What results can I expect after my coaching sessions?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you want to become”. Read into that what you will, but your future depends on what you do now. Coaching really is 100% about you and what makes you tick. If you are committed and want to gain a new perspective on personal or professional challenges then coaching will deliver those results.