Successful coaching builds stepping stones out of stumbling blocks…

It can reveal a pathway to get a person on track with their life, achieve their goals and be fulfilled.  Coaching can be applied to any walk of life and it is 100% about you – now how often does that happen!  My approach is not to give you formulaic advice or try to fit pre-determined structures into your unique situation.  Every person and their circumstances are different.  Instead we’ll work together, to identify your personal areas for improvement – highlighting things you can build on as well as those that may be proving a hindrance.

All coaches have their own style of working, so it’s important you find the right coach for you.  I like to offer an initial “Chemistry Check”.  It’s free of charge, totally confidential and there’s no risk.  We meet, we talk, you say what’s on your mind, we talk some more, you decide if coaching is for you, and we move to the next stage – simple!  To get the best out of your coaching experience it requires regular commitment. To measure the benefits, you need to have more than one or two sessions.

A 'yes' answer to some of the questions below could mean coaching is for you.
  • Is there a gap between where you are now, and where you would like to be?
  • Would you like to be doing things differently but you don't know how to make it happen?
  • Is the balance of work, fun, family and friends where you want it?
  • Would you like some support with decisions, prioritising, designing strategies?
  • Is there a behaviour that if you changed would have a big impact on your performance or life?
Listed below is an example of what has worked for previous clients in terms of the process of coaching:
Discover & unravel
  • Find out where you are, discover what you need and want
  • Find out how much energy you can commit to getting what’s important to you
  • Find out what's getting in your way and what you think will or will not happen when you get there
Taking steps & actions
  • Take on board feedback, try it on for size and begin to apply it
  • Talk and work through a plan of what you need to assist you to get you where you want to be
  • Find solutions, connect, embed and take action
  • Identify and celebrate short-term wins
Practice, practice, practice
  • Put your learning into practice to get it into the muscle
  • Review and implement further learning
  • Track your success
  • Draw conclusions and look to where you go next
Cost options and packages
Coaching costs less than you might think. I customise my service and cost structure to support your individual needs and circumstances, but I start from a base rate. Coaching is about change – short, medium and long term. Change in action, behaviour and attitudes. My experience is that it requires more than one or two sessions – generally a minimum of one month is needed to gain traction. A typical coaching session is one to two hours. I do offer an hourly rate, but my main pricing structure is based on a monthly package consisting of 2, 3 or 4 hours of coaching per month – whichever you find convenient for you. The cost of the monthly package depends on the upfront commitment, length of engagement and the medium used for the sessions (face to face, telephone, email or skype for example). The price includes preparation, travel within Central London, a brief summary report each month and a reasonable amount of telephone support in-between sessions.