More Success Stories

" Esther has a direct coaching style, which I found very refreshing. Her insightful questions and observations continually challenged me to think afresh about the topics on which we were working. At the same time, I was given time and space to reflect and I felt supported by her genuine interest and confidence in me, which encouraged me to make progress. The results of our coaching sessions included practical plans (e.g. in terms of personal organization) and very useful work on articulating, and building on, my core passions. Thanks again for the coaching
Financial Economist

" I worked with Esther between September and October 2010. During our sessions, Esther helped me gain clarity on what was important to help me move forward at that time. Through careful listening, powerful questioning and gentle challenges, she helped me become aware with how I felt at that moment and where I wanted to be. I was able to set myself achievable bite-sized goals, so that I no longer felt overwhelmed with the mammoth task of setting up my own business.

After asking me thought-provoking questions, and giving me the space to think, Esther helped me realise the resources I had within me, and around me. This was an amazing way forward for me – it opened up a jar of confidence in me! Thank you Esther.

As well as achieving my goals, Esther helped me work through what was important to me to begin, and what is needed, to maintain a desirable business/ personal life balance.
Administrator & Coach

" Esther had the ability to help me bring out what, how and why my core needs are in relation to my business aspirations without putting pressure on me. Her approach is easy and friendly with an underlying sense of real interest in her client’s achievements.

From what my one-off coaching with Esther has helped me to learn, I will commend her services to all my business associates and even to individuals who need help to dig deep within themselves for solutions to their challenges. Her gentle and friendly nature is a sure plus to the high standards. You are a blessing Esther.
Business Owner

" I found working with Esther to be a stretching and fulfilling process. She brings a wealth of professional skills to her coaching sessions. Esther is able to use these to enable her clients to be resourceful and to access the knowledge that they have within them to mobilise themselves into action.

When I first began working with Esther, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but could not see a way of progressing and consequently felt “stuck”. I recognised that certain unhelpful patterns were holding me back, but still struggled with breaking free of them. Esther used her listening skills and replayed back to me the essence of what I was saying in order for me to see the situation from a different perspective. She used NLP techniques to help me access my resourcefulness and then supported me as I found ways to behave in a more productive way that supported my goals. Esther was able to be the coach that I needed each time we worked together. This is no mean feet as I often needed Esther to be different from the last time that we spoke; she was always flexible and creative, challenging yet supportive.

I found my coaching experience with Esther to be very valuable and I would not hesitate to work with her again. If you want empowerment, Esther is the Coach for you!
Business Coach

" Over the last year, I have worked with Esther Goodyear and observed her coaching as well as being coached by her.   As a coach she is energised, direct and challenging, using her intuition and empathy to get to the heart of the problem.   Having helped her clients identify the problem, Esther then uses her skills to allow her clients to understand the issues more clearly, develop more awareness of the things that may be holding them back and how to overcome them.   Esther then develops clear action plans that her clients can commit to and work towards practical solutions. I have valued her insight when coaching me and her support in developing solutions for the situations I was working with. I would recommend her to anyone seeking coaching.
Group HR Director

" Esther is an intuitive and genuine person who created a safe space for me to work through some very tough personal obstacles that were derailing both my business and personal progress. Often hearing what was not said in words, she has a natural skill to put forth simple questions that I was avoiding, enabling the awareness of what was truly getting in my way. Also, she helped me to gain clarity on what really mattered to me, so that I could take decisions to honour myself and not the expectations of others.

Working with Esther has strengthened my confidence, taught me how to give myself space to work with challenges as they arise, then find ways to mobilise myself towards action rather than staying stuck. These are the precious skills that will help me time and time again in the future.
Business Entrepreneur, Munich, Germany

" In our coaching conversations, Esther asked questions that brought me to a different and useful vantage point on what I was thinking about. She used her strong intuition skilfully, offering her sense of a situation as an observation or question. Her intuition was often right on target, opening up a new avenue of thinking or action for me.  Her warmth and humour added a naturalness to our conversations that made it that much easier to explore areas of myself that I might otherwise have chosen to ignore.
Executive Coach and Consultant, UK

" Coaching with Esther was a very helpful and enlightening experience. Esther not only showed her deep interest in her client but also proved to be an excellent listener combined with the fantastic ability to “replay” her counter-party’s words and thus bringing a new insight on the topic discussed. In her direct and at the same time supportive way Esther challenges the client, helps the client stay focused and future oriented – and encourages the client to take responsibility for continuing the journey of development as well as concrete actions.  When entering sensitive areas, I felt very safe with Esther – understanding that she respects boundaries and shows the amount of empathy and respect needed. Thus – I highly recommend working with Esther – very rewarding!
Risk Management Support Unit

" Esther has a well balanced approach to coaching and works with the whole you, your environment and the challenges that you face. She keeps you in the here and now to give you the space you need to plan and prepare for the challenges ahead. When working together it always feels as if she is with you but clearly holding you accountable for your own actions.

Working together with Esther I was able to understand and challenge my own assumptions. Exploring my working style which has developed over many years she helped me rethink and redefine them so that they are more aligned to my new work situations. This led me to both recognising and appreciating the internal resources I have within me and was the starting point for a number of changes which followed during and after our coaching relationship.

Esther also helped me to consciously consider alternative strategies for achieving my goals. Her approach to helping me widen the picture before identifying the chosen route has led to better defined strategies which are more robust, more effective and given me more confidence in my objectives.

I appreciated her open yet frank style and her matter of fact approach particularly when differentiating between fact and perception and putting it in the context of the bigger picture.

Our coaching relationship has given me both immediate and longer term benefits which I have since applied in new situations both in the home and work situation with positive effect. Esther has given me some really useful insight into myself and how I can best use that to achieve my goals.

Working together with Esther I was able to understand and challenge my own assumptions. Exploring my working style which has developed over many years she helped me rethink and redefine them so that they are more aligned to my new work situations.
Manufacturing Pharma Director